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Nyheter från metodistkyrkan globalt

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Uppdaterad: 1 tim 10 min sedan

Discipleship's top executive dies of cancer

3 tim 27 min sedan
United Methodists of varying views remember the Rev. Junius B. Dotson as a leader committed to Christ and a protocol negotiator hopeful about the church’s future.

General Conference postponed until 2022

5 tim 7 min sedan
Organizers have postponed the full General Conference, including proposals for a church split, until 2022 when delegates can meet in person. A special one-day, virtual General Conference is planned for May 8.

Church’s future again a hot topic

24 februari, 2021 - 22:05
Despite pandemic-related uncertainties, there’s been a surge of commentary on whether The United Methodist Church should split.

Cyclone survivors receive new houses

24 februari, 2021 - 19:17
Longtime partnership with Baltimore-Washington Conference provides hope to families in Zimbabwe left homeless by the March 2019 disaster.

Delegates map out vision for church future

23 februari, 2021 - 20:27
An international group of General Conference delegates asked United Methodists around the globe to help imagine a better way to be the church.

Church grapples with resurgence of Ebola

23 februari, 2021 - 18:52
As Ebola, COVID-19, malaria and other diseases threaten lives and livelihoods, church leaders in Congo offer assistance.

Church helps displaced in Central African Republic

22 februari, 2021 - 18:14
Following a volatile presidential election, United Methodists offer shelter and other humanitarian aid to people seeking refuge from armed rebels.

Book revisits pastor’s reticence on civil rights

18 februari, 2021 - 16:00
A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and United Methodist has written a book about how his minister father failed to speak out boldly during the civil rights movement.

Churches serve as warming centers, shelters

17 februari, 2021 - 23:27
With nearly 3 million homes without electricity in subfreezing temperatures, United Methodists come together to provide shelter, food, charging stations and other help.

Scrutinizing the proposed hold on new bishops

16 februari, 2021 - 21:01
United Methodist bishops explained why they recommend delaying U.S. bishop elections until 2024. However, their proposal already faces some pushback.

Schools, students struggle with COVID-19 closures

16 februari, 2021 - 17:23
From preschool through college, students and staff at United Methodist schools in Zimbabwe face challenges and find innovative ways to cope.

Bishop Skeete, ‘pastor to people,’ dies at 90

12 februari, 2021 - 22:28
As United Methodist bishop, he led conferences in the U.S. Northeast, including carrying out a long-sought merger. He also helped establish Africa University.

Amid political unrest, cyclones plague Mozambique

12 februari, 2021 - 19:41
As families struggle to survive, UMCOR joins Mozambique churches in responding to food, shelter and other humanitarian needs.

‘Black Church’ film taps United Methodist sources

12 februari, 2021 - 17:55
New PBS documentary draws on United Methodist photo archives and shows host Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his boyhood church.

A virtual General Conference faces hurdles

11 februari, 2021 - 20:40
The chair of the General Conference commission recently outlined the challenges facing organizers of the United Methodist legislative assembly.

Commissions, UMW adapt to new budget realities

10 februari, 2021 - 17:27
The 13 agencies that serve The United Methodist Church continue to look for creative ways to adapt to denominational budget cuts made worse by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

General agencies cutting back

9 februari, 2021 - 17:13
Faced with an ongoing pandemic and denominational uncertainty, United Methodist general agencies are reducing staff while trying to stay true to their missions.

Clergy record free music videos for Lenten season

5 februari, 2021 - 18:28
Two Korean United Methodist clergy shared free hymns and special music that can be used during the Lenten season and on Easter Sunday.

Churches increase access to COVID-19 vaccines

4 februari, 2021 - 19:20
While supplies are still limited, United Methodists are doing what they can to expand access to vaccines, especially among underserved communities.

COVID-19 deaths complicate pastors’ calling

3 februari, 2021 - 19:22
Need for social distancing and lack of personal protective equipment challenge pastors in Zimbabwe to find safe ways to be in ministry with grieving church members.

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